Gary Neville slams FA for being hung out to dry after Euro 2016: I may never coach again

Despite blaming himself for failing to speak the language and getting “two or three big things wrong” at Valencia, Neville claims clubs are too quick to judge.

And after leaving his coaching role along with manager Roy Hodgson following England’s shambolic Euro 2016, he also claims the FA should take their own share of the blame.

“The FA and Roy Hodgson invested in me for four years and I’m the most experienced I’ve ever been, yet you get chucked overboard,” he said.

“The reality is the investment has to come through defeat and victory. The pathway for young coaches cannot just be based on a run of defeats or a run of victories otherwise you are forever changing.

“I heard [FA chief executive] Martin Glenn say ex-players go into punditry for the money. It’s not that simple. It’s an excuse, but don’t tell me the problem, tell me the solution.”

Neville, who later said those comments made on television were taken out of context, claimed he now cannot return to coaching in the short term anyway because of his other business ventures and involvement with Salford City.

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