Gareth Southgate begins ticking boxes as England boss as the FA look to the future

“At times you’ve got to step forward, at times you’ve got to take a risk, at times you’ve got to put yourself in that situation.”

Some of ‘The Journey Begins Here’ branding Allardyce asked to be displayed at SGP has already been ripped down, but Southgate does not wish to expunge all the memories of his predecessor’s 67-day reign.

If he is to succeed over the next seven weeks, he must build on the last-gasp 1-0 victory over Slovakia last month, not banish it.

“I don’t think we can afford to start again,” he said. “The starting point for me is what was a fantastic finish to the game in Slovakia.

“I’ve got some footage of the lads celebrating the goal, of the bench celebrating the goal. I’m not afraid to show that. I’m not afraid to talk about last month and Sam to the team.

“I see a lot of managers come in and dismiss what’s gone. To score that late goal, to see what that meant to the players when they were celebrating, to have broken down that packed defence, which was a problem in the summer, was a small step, a small brick in the wall of belief.

“We have to build on that. It can’t be the case that we start again. We can’t start again after Roy [Hodgson] and start again after Sam. We’ve got to go forward.”

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