Fury as Germans mock Britain for Brexit and EU vote while blasting our ‘horse-faced Queen’

Viewers have been left angered by the duo’s tirade, which even sees them launch a scathing attack on the Queen, calling her the “ancient grandma from the dynasty of the horse faced”.

They then bizarrely claim the only benefit of having Britain in the European Union is so France and Germany can sell them their out-of-date food.

ZDF Heute Show, which claims to be comedy, has been angrily criticised after the show, broadcast on German TV, went viral, with one angry viewer saying: “I wonder if ZDF could broadcast such satire about other Nations so freely?”

In footage which will anger Brexit campaigners, the show’s presenter, Oliver Welke, begins the attack saying there was too much “special treatment… shoved up the English a*** so that they stay in the EU”.

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