Furious woman whose sick mum can’t get a council house due to migrants SILENCES pro-EU MPs

Urging the Government to “leave the scaremongering behind” he said: “The Treasury says it’s going to be apocalypse if we leave the EU. I don’t believe that.

“But I do believe there’s going to be less jobs. I think we should stay in the EU because of the prosperity”.

Former Home Secretary Mr Johnson also declined to endorse Mr Osborne’s dire forecasts, which predicted that 800,000 jobs will be lost in the event of a Brexit. 

Meanwhile Mr Fox told the audience that he was not against immigration, but that the in-out referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Britons to take back “control” of their own destiny. 

And during a discussion on the role of EU medics in the NHS, UKIP’s Ms James said Britain should introduce an Australian-style points based system of immigration, so that we can prioritise bringing in doctors who “speak our language” from the Commonwealth.

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