Francesco Guidolin: Swansea put me in hospital, but I’ll still save them

“After 50 days my body said, ‘Stop Francesco’”

Francesco Guidolin

“After Tottenham I could not breathe very well. I had some tests and the doctors said it was best for me to go to hospital,” he said.

“The doctor said the total change in my life – a new country, new football and new language – and thinking about my work 24 hours a day for six or seven weeks played a part.

“I felt the responsibility to save the team. After 50 days my body said, ‘Stop Francesco’.

“But it does not affect my future. My future is here because I have a contract for this season.

“The most important thing is to save the team and keep the possibility to play in the Premier League next year. I hope to be here a long time.”

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