France demands Britain stumps up €20MILLION for Calais Jungle migrant camp

The eastern Afghan city was once a power base of global terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and is still full of al-Qaeda extremists, while ISIS is also setting up cells nearby.

Wahid, 15, went on: “We had no future there, and so decided to make our way to Britain.”

He and Noorza, 9, “share everything we can with our friends, who we consider to be brothers too”. 

At present they are sharing a hut that is due to be destroyed during the demolition of the south side of the Calais camp.

Wahid added: “We all want to get to schools in Britain, and to find homes.

“Britain is a great country, and we know we will have a future there. We just want people to let us come to Britain as quickly as possible.”

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve will use the 34th Anglo-French summit to call for fast track asylum processes for “all those who have ties to Britain, and particularly unaccompanied minors”. 

He also wants to secure millions of pounds from the British towards the setting up of new welcome centres, and to improve security around French Channel ports, and in the Channel Tunnel. 

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