Foxes an inspiration – Martinez

Roberto Martinez says Leicester’s season has been an inspiration, but he would be surprised to see it repeated by other clubs.

Everton: Foxes an inspiration - Martinez Everton: Foxes an inspiration - Martinez

Everton will be the guests at the Foxes’ title party on Saturday when Claudio Ranieri’s men will complete their impossible dream by lifting the Premier League trophy.

Usurping the big boys has caught the imagination of people across the world and left fans of teams everywhere wondering whether next time it could be their turn.

However, Toffees boss Martinez said: “You need to see it as the exception that proves the norm or something that is going to change the landscape of the competitive nature of the league. It’s too early to see how that’s going to develop.

“What Leicester have achieved is a great inspiration for any team sport and for any group in order to dream high and have huge expectations, but I think we need to be realistic that this is not the norm.

“It’s something we haven’t seen in the modern game and I don’t think that’s going to be repeated easily.”

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