Female Italian EU boss behind migrant chaos set to order BRITISH ARMY into battle

Last night one senior Army officer, based at Army Headquarters in Andover, Hampshire, said: “Ultimately, we would have little or no control of this force were it to be deployed. Brussels will set the rules of engagement and decide what we do and how we do it, having allowed all members of the EU to voice their opinions and make decisions.

“Frankly, it is an uncomfortable situation.”

The Ministry of Defence claimed the Euro war games had nothing to do with a standing EU force.

This was rejected by military experts, 

 “However much this is dressed up as ‘business as usual’ for Britain’s armed forces, it clearly isn’t,” said UK National Defence Association ceo Andy Smith.

“ This is not a UK or NATO military exercise, it’s a European Union military exercise on British soil, and that should send shudders down the spine of every Briton. 

“We are seeing armoured vehicles on Salisbury Plain emblazoned with the EU flag, and, worse still, we know that the orders for this exercise are being given not by anyone in the UK, either military or political, but by the European ‘High Representative for Security’, an Italian. It is very clearly the next stage in the creation of an EU army, which we know Angela Merkel has forced David Cameron to accept, but about which there is still an official silence.”

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