Fans get quality at Arsenal – Wenger


There were plenty of empty seats at Emirates Stadium when the game kicked off. The crowd was announced as 59,568 – the capacity is 60,432 – but the ground appeared far from full

Manager Arsene Wenger says fans at Emirates Stadium should come to see “quality football” after plenty stayed away for their 2-0 win over West Brom.

An official attendance of 59,563 was given but there were large sections of empty seats visible.

Asked for a message to fans, Wenger said: “Come and support the team. If you love football, you go out there and I think you see quality football.

“We can not detect exactly why everybody did not turn up.”

Clubs usually count season ticket holders in official attendances whether they are actually present or not, and there were reports before Thursday night’s game that as many as 2,500 fans had returned their tickets because of disillusionment at another faded Premier League title bid.

Wenger said that there was no way of knowing why any fans did not attend but defended his side’s performance.

He said: “It was a special night as well, a Thursday night, and I don’t know if you are intelligent enough, nor am I, to detect exactly why everybody that did not turn up tonight did not turn up.

“I believe we dominated from the start to the last minute and in fact, was what we did in the 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace on Sunday.

“Overall I believe the quality of our game was very good. Maybe, we could have scored more goals.”

Arsenal fans<!–

Arsenal’s victory meant they became the second team, after Manchester United, to record 500 Premier League wins
Arsenal fans<!–

Arsenal have two remaining home games this season, against Norwich and Aston Villa

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