FA in talks with Klinsmann over England job: US boss backed to succeed by Bierhoff

“So there are holes in the system, like in a Swiss cheese, and there’s a loss of quality. We’re working on connecting those pieces, on connecting player development and on continuing to build a pyramid in this amazing country.

“It’s a bigger puzzle in the United States than in other countries and it’s not perfect yet. That’s what makes it so exciting; we’re building something great here. We don’t have a system in place like France or Germany or even South American countries.

“If you look at the FA in England, it’s more than 100 years old and they already have their infrastructure, scouting, coaches’ education, national training centre and the pyramid is connected.

“There’s relatively little infrastructure work to do in England because it’s all there. Here in the United States, building that infrastructure is still important. That’s what’s so fascinating and rewarding about this.”

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