EXPOSED: Nicola Sturgeon in ‘secret plot’ for second independence referendum NEXT YEAR

Polling shows support for independence is at around the same levels as when in 2014, when Scots voted by 55 to 45 per cent to remain a part of the United Kingdom. 

But the pro-independence source, an influential figure in the Nationalist movement, said: “The situation is entirely different this time. The EU is losing the UK, one of its most important members. That is potentially difficult for them. If we can make the case that they have the opportunity to keep an independent Scotland, with one-third of the UK’s land mass, that will be appealing to them.

“In 2014, there were campaigns in the rest of the UK for Scotland not to leave. But in the event of another referendum, we can reach out to the rest of the UK and say that Scotland retaining EU membership can have advantages for them in terms of reaching out to the EU market.” 

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