EXCLUSIVE: Labour MP accuses Cameron of ‘showing his true colours’ over Trump ‘U-turn’

Dr Matthew Ashton, an expert on US politics at Nottingham Trent University, said it was “wise” for the Prime Minister to “cover his bases” by engaging with Mr Trump.

He told Express.co.uk: “The chances of Trump becoming president remain quite low, partly due to the fact that he’s likely to have trouble attracting the African American, Latino and female vote.”

Dr Ashton also noted the Republican “has shown the ability in the past to change his position when it’s pragmatic to do so” and that Mr Trump’s “foreign policy advisors are likely to urge him that it’s better to mend fences than risk alienate allies”.

But the academic suggested it was “uncertain” whether Mr Trump would visit Britain later this year.

He said: “Previous Republican nominee Mitt Romney visited just before the London Olympics in 2012 and made the gaffe of questioning the preparations. This was widely seen as a gift for Barack Obama.

“While a foreign visit might make Trump look more statesman like, and firm up his foreign policy credentials, there is also a lot of potential for things to go wrong.

“Equally Cameron and Co might not want to give him too warm a welcome, especially as [Democrat candidate] Hillary Clinton is still seen as the firm favourite.” 

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