EU threat to family life: UK mothers set to back Brexit over fears for children’s future

The issues that the Remain campaign have championed, like access to jobs across the EU and the cost of EU holidays, are of a lower priority to women who took part in the survey.

But Lucy Thomas, of Britain Stronger In, said: “Women in Britain are stronger, safer and better off in Europe, from the jobs created by our place in the world’s largest single market, to protections at work like paid maternity leave and equal pay rules. Leaving would be a leap in the dark.”

Anne Marie O’Leary, editor-in-chief at Netmums, said: “The EU Referendum is being hotly debated by mums, who are clearly concerned about how remaining or leaving the EU will affect their families’ welfare and children’s futures. 

“Critically, many of our users are still undecided on how they will vote. Parents know that their decision will determine their children’s futures so both sides need to listen up to families’ concerns.

“This referendum is going to be a tightly run race – the mum vote is crucial.

“Staying in the EU really isn’t a done deal and British parents have serious concerns about what being an EU member state means for them and their children.”

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