EU POWER GRAB: Terrifying Brussels plot to replace OUR police and judges with Euro stooges

Amongst its more worrying proposals it states: “An EU Public Prosecutor’s Office on Terrorism could, in liaison with Europol, be responsible for investigation and have the possibility to prosecute and bring cases to judgment in relevant national courts.” 

It also calls for a “European judicial response” and says Brussels prosecutors would have powers to get involved with the “listing of persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts and subjecting them to restrictive measures” – something usually carried out by British police and judges. 

Such a system would effectively see unelected Brussels bureaucrats acting as the sole investigators and prosecutors in terrorism cases involving British citizens. 

It also suggests setting up a “European intelligence academy” and appointing a “European Security Adviser” and “European Security Board” which would be given wide-ranging powers. 

The report concludes: “In the face of such adversity, the European project has to muster the collective determination to stare down this new threat – and do so fast. That is why the time is ripe for a genuine ‘Security Union’.” 

But it has infuriated eurosceptics, who said the proposals are a further example of why Britain needs to leave the EU.

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