EU is FALLING: Five more nations to quit as Juncker says ‘this is NOT an amicable divorce’

A crumbling bloc?

Fears are also growing over the likes of Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands after political leaders all called for Brexit-style referendums on the issue of EU membership.

Slovakia’s far-right People’s Party today launched a petition for a referendum on the country’s EU membership.

Tories reel from Cameron quitting

The Conservatives are still reeling from the shock of Mr Cameron’s resignation, which came despite scores of Eurosceptic MPs urging him to stay on.

A number of top Tories have emerged to take over with Boris Johnson a huge favourite for the role. 

Fellow Brexit campaigner Michael Gove, as well as Remainer Theresa May, are also heavily linked for the top job once Mr Cameron vacates Number 10 following the Conservative party conference in October. 

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon supported Mr Cameron’s decision.

Speaking today, he said:”I think it was right the negotiations of the exit should be left to a new prime minister.”

Mr Fallon also moved to calm fears following Brexit.

He said: “We’ve got to make sure now this does not weaken our commitment or our security.

“I spent a lot of yesterday reassuring our allies, our key allies, the US, France, the secretary-general of Nato, that this should not weaken our commitment not just to keep our people safe but our international commitments as well.

“This is not Britain turning its back on the world, we may be leaving the EU but we will continue to work hard at our international partnerships, our other key alliances and particularly in Nato.”

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