EU ARMY MOVES STEP CLOSER: MEP says Brussels defence force ‘only way’ to protect Europe

“With the Euro collapsing, and the visa-free travel zone set to extend from the English channel to the Syrian and Iraqi border, the European Union is not a project that anyone would sign up to. 

“On 23 June we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of a union that is changing and developing in dangerous and destructive ways – for the sake of this country’s security and prosperity we must take back control and Vote Leave.” 

Last week, the Daily Express highlighted secret German plans to press ahead with forming an EU army. 

A discussion document from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government called for a joint military command centre for the 28-nation bloc. 

The document was supposed to have been published in July, after the UK referendum next month but was leaked in advance. 

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has said: “I am convinced that a European army or a European defense union can be created as a logical consequence of European integration.” 

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