England Uncovered: Why Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is strongest candidate for job

“It was weird because we had never heard of him, obviously,” Ian Wright told BBC’s Premier League Show last night. “The papers were all, ‘Arsene Who?’

“When you saw him he looked really strange, this really tall, skinny guy with massive glasses, ill-fitting suit, his shirt looked big, everything looked weird – he didn’t look like a football man at all.

“When I first saw him, I did up-and-down him, but obviously after that you started to realise what he was all about, as soon as he opened his mouth.”

Ultimately, it was Wenger’s actions which spoke louder than any words, culminating in the remarkable Invincible year of 2003-2004.

Going unbeaten was an aspirational target that had not even been considered for 115 years but Martin Keown revealed he had spoken about it the season before, only to come unstuck in game 10.

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