England boss Roy Hodgson reveals he’s had ‘long talks’ with Chelsea skipper John Terry

“I had a long chat with John the other day, he’s a lovely fella”

Roy Hodgson

The England boss also revealed he had a long conversation with the former Three Lions captain recently.

What the duo talked about remains a mystery, but could Hodgson have been asking for Terry’s advice about who should make up his back four when the finals begin in France in June?

Hodgson said: “There are, in my opinion, no left-sided centre-backs who are English playing in the league who are at least at the level of the ones we are choosing.

“That’s a fact of life and there’s not much we can do about it.

“I’m not 100 per cent certain outside of John Terry, because he’s retired so long ago and he doesn’t feature in my thinking too often.

“But I can’t deny that is a valid point. He is a left-sided centre-half, although not a left-sided player. He’s right-footed, but he retired four years ago.

“I had a long chat with John the other day, he’s a lovely fella.”

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