Duffen gives takeover update

Former Hull chairman Paul Duffen says takeover talks are continuing but the Allam family are in no rush to sell the club.

Hull: Duffen gives takeover updateHull: Duffen gives takeover update

Duffen is assisting the Allams in their attempts to sell the club and is hopeful they will eventually find a buyer despite already seeing one potential deal collapse at the last minute.

They have since switched their attentions to other potential buyers, but Duffen insists they are in no mad rush to sell, and any deal must be right for the club.

“I get a sense the club will find a new owner,” Duffen told Sky Sports. “They’ve had a couple of aborted transactions. They want to take their time to ensure they work with the right party, and the right party isn’t always the highest bidder but the best bidder.

“My primary interest is to find the best owners for the club.”

Negotiations are continuing with some Chinese investors, and Duffen is hopeful a deal could be hammered out.

“I think they would make great owners,” Duffen added. “They are really nice people but I wouldn’t want to prejudice the outcome of any negotiations, it’s not mine to decide.”

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