‘Desperate left-wing luvvies!’ Anger as A-listers lecture Brits on EU referendum

But the letter has sparked outrage among social media users who believe Brexit is the best ay forward for the UK.

One Twitter used said: “Haha! Cumberbatch, Knightley & other politically correct, Leftist luvvies actually think we give a f*** about their views on the EU.”

Paul Henri Cadier said: “Celebs urge UK to STAY in EU in desperate open letter to protect their life-style at the expense of the rest of us.”

Meanwhile, Jessica tweeted: “More rich, overpaid people beg us in another sad, pathetic, desperate attempt to get us to vote remain.”

Twitter user Mark added: “How many of you lovies have migrant neighbours, compete for jobs with migrants earn minimum wage? None.”

Jeremy Diamond said: “What a bunch of f***ing losers. Britain should be subservient to Europe because they fund their movies?!”

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