De Gea accused of setting up rape – reports

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has been named in an investigation into a sexual assault by a protected witness, who alleged he arranged a sexual encounter between two Spain under-21 players and two women in a Madrid hotel in 2012, according to multiple reports.

In testimony quoted on Friday by, the witness, who is under police protection, said that in 2012 she was threatened and coerced into having sexual relations with Athletic Bilbao’s Iker Muniain and another under-21 football player whose identity she could not confirm.

Spanish media, citing police sources, reported that De Gea has not broken the law, but the timing of the news comes as the European Championship begins in France. Spanish federation media chief Paloma Antoraz on Friday said the federation would not be addressing the subject.

The witness testimony is part of the case against jailed pornography impresario Ignacio Allende Fernandez, known as “Torbe,” who was arrested in April on charges of child pornography, sexual exploitation, sexual aggression, human trafficking for pornography, extortion, blackmail and tax fraud.

El Pais, citing police sources, said a police report links De Gea, Munain and Real Madrid’s Isco to the testimony. El Diario and El Confidencial also cite police sources.

In her testimony, the protected witness, known to the police as TP3, said that she was taken to a five-star Madrid hotel by Fernandez and forced into an encounter with two football players against her will. She testified that Fernandez told her she and another woman would be paid well.

The newspaper cites police reports that say Fernandez ordered her to “do whatever the football players wanted” and told her she would be well paid. When she refused, Fernandez reportedly grabbed her by the arm and told her she and the other woman would do as he said.

According to the newspaper account of the police report: “The witness known as TP3 as well as the other woman were sexually abused and when they refused they were also hit. Following the sexual encounter they were threatened to remain silent about what happened in the hotel room. Neither TP3 nor the other woman were paid for the encounter.”

El Diario also said that the witness known as TP3 later identified one of the two football players as Muniain, and that De Gea set up the hotel room meeting with help from Fernandez.

The reports said Spanish police investigating the case said the witness’ statement was “highly credible.”

The allegations come on the first day of Euro 2016 in France. Spain are due to play their first game against Czech Republic on Monday and De Gea is with the national team training in Ile de Re, an island off the west coast of France near La Rochelle.

Muniain’s agent, Txus Medina, told The Guardian: “We do not know anything at all about this case. Neither the police nor the courts have been in touch to request any kind of information.”

De Gea, Muniain and Isco played together in the UEFA Under-21 Championship in 2013, with Spain winning the tournament held in Israel.

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