DAVID WOODS COLUMN: West Ham made mistake leaving Boleyn, England boss could be part time

Surely there are architects out there with vision, ready to produce quirky schemes, rather than the usual sporting variation of a new supermarket.

Or would that impact on the number of seats, and resulting revenue, that can be crammed in?


IT may be a crazy thought and not possible, but it did strike me this week that maybe the England manager’s job doesn’t need to be a full-time one.

The FA would love Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger to be the man to take charge after axing Sam Allardyce this week.

Would it be beyond the realms of possibility now for Gareth Southgate to be the coach with Wenger overseeing the team or at worst be an adviser – putting in the hours he felt he could offer?

Afterall, if Allardyce had been a bit busier he might not have had time for those ill-fated meetings which led to his downfall this week.


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