DAVID WOODS COLUMN: Rooney can learn from Ibra and why Giggs should stop feeling entitled

It seemed like a great quote at first, but then gave an insight into why the Manchester United and England skipper might be on the wane.

It was telling that he imagined having a break during the international week if he wasn’t in the Three Lions squad.

Having watched Rooney over the last few years, what seems obvious is that he’s nowhere near the fittest player in the top flight.

Four years ago, then United boss Sir Alex Ferguson warned that Rooney, then 26, was “stocky, strong and really needs games, simple as that”.

He also suggested Rooney had inherited a tendency to put on weight, like his father Wayne Snr.

So if Rooney’s not playing regularly – and it’s likely he’ll be a substitute for Jose Mourinho for the fourth game in a row at Liverpool on Monday – maintaining his fitness is now more vital than ever.

Rather than thinking about Dubai, surely a trip to a boot camp is more in order.

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