DAVID WOODS COLUMN: Rooney at centre-back, Mourinho’s failings, Rafael Benitez

Asked about Rooney’s performance in the FA Cup final win over Crystal Palace, when he popped up more in his own box than the opponents, Hodgson was only excited by his run to set up Juan Mata to score in the 81st minute.

“That’s the Wayne Rooney we are hoping to see in the Euros,” said Hodgson.

Rooney, it seems, plans to tell Hodgson he wants to play in midfield for his country after the Euros.

Sadly it seems he has lost his conviction that he belongs up front and ex-United boss Van Gaal must take much of the blame for that.

Anyone that knows Rooney can see that he remains as passionate as ever about playing for club and country.

But a Wayne Rooney sitting in the middle and stroking the ball around just does not fit in with the modern, athletic, quickfire approach to the game, which is so much in vogue now and is surely England’s best chance of success in the next month-and-a-half.

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