DAVID WOODS COLUMN: Referees need more help and why is Quique Flores under fire?

Doubts about Flores emerged at the same time as I was musing that maybe Flores could be an eventual successor to Arsene Wenger, whose team train right next to Watford in Hertfordshire.

Flores has something of the style and sophistication of Wenger about him and is certainly a cool customer, even more so than the Frenchman.

There cannot be one Watford fan who would not have settled for their team being in this position at the start of the season.

Yes, they lost 3-1 at West Ham on Wednesday, but Premier League football is guaranteed – they are 12th on 41 points, the same as Everton.

Defensively, in particular, they have been strong, conceding just 40 goals, a better record than 12 other teams.

As for Martinez, you sense he is going a bit stale at Goodison and, rather like Wenger, his style of play is perhaps getting predictable for opponents.

He faces a long, tough summer – if he holds on – with star players Romelu Lukaku and John Stones looking likely to be on their way.

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