DAVID WOODS COLUMN: Leicester’s huge rise, Hodgson must toughen up, war on drugs continues

IN November Starsport was the only British paper to reveal Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Arijan Ademi has tested positive for stanozolol.

The anabolic steroid was found in a urine sample given after a Champions League match against Arsenal.

UEFA later confirmed it was the same drug used by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson at the 1988 Olympics. Ademi was banned for four years.

Afterwards, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger said he knew about other cases of doping by opponents. The FA said it wanted to speak to him. Then it all went a bit quiet.

Then on Saturday, it was revealed Liverpool’s Mamadou Sakho had tested positive, it is thought, for a type of fat burner.

UEFA announced yesterday that they have suspended Sakho for 30 days before deciding what action to take.

But for every player who gets caught, you have to wonder whether far more are slipping through the net.

It is ridiculous to think with the fortunes flooding into the game, and the need to keep running and running, that players are not succumbing to temptation.

The FA, UEFA, FIFA and Co. need to sniff the smelling salts and step up their war on drugs big-time.

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