David Cameron ‘will be REMOVED as PM’ whatever result of EU referendum

He added: “Up to now, leaving the EU has been seen to be the preserve of nutcases, cranks and odd members of the right-wing of the Tory Party,” he said. 

“If it is that close – I personally think we are going to win – millions of people from right across the country from every class and occupation will have stated that they want to leave the European Union.” 

In a dark warning about the Prime Minister’s chances of surviving long after the Referendum, he said: “The further you go from London, the stronger the feeling is. I do get the slight sense it’s a bit like the Civil War when Charles I sadly completely lost touch with what was happening in the counties.” 

The former minister then refused to deny that Mr Cameron would be replaced by a Brexit supporter, but added that “my experience of the Tory Party on the ground is that it is strongly sceptical”. 

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