CON AIR: Couple who flew migrants into UK for a DAY to claim £1.6m in benefits facing jail

Chowdhury Muyeed, 51, and Asma Khanam, 47, recruited hundreds to fly in to Stansted and go straight to Job Centre interviews to get National Insurance numbers.

The pair recruited Italian nationals of Bangladeshi origin for the scheme as they are eligible to work in the country.

Their details were then connected to bogus addresses and they were registered with the Government as working for the couple 24 hours per week, making them entitled to benefits. 

In reality, they had gone home.

But registered as workers they were then entitled to housing benefit totalling £578,000 from the London Borough of Redbridge and more than £600,000 from Tower Hamlets.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was also stung for over £420,000.

The couple then split the benefits with them.

On Monday a jury found Muyeed guilty of conspiring to dishonestly produce false statements of information while Khanam and Rahman were found guilty of furnishing documents.

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