COMING TO YOUR TOWN? ALL councils could be forced to house asylum seekers as numbers swell

G4S, one of three COMPASS companies contracted by the Home Office to provide asylum seeker accommodation up and down the country, has revealed its employer is considering making it mandatory for councils to help resettle refugees.

Currently, it is down to a local authority if they chose to accept asylum seekers into their area, and the majority refuse to take part.

According to G4S, this means councils that do house asylum seekers are taking a disproportionate amount and the strain on their local services is immense, particularly due to the increased numbers of immigrant refugees coming in from war torn Syria.

In a letter to the Home Affairs select committee inquiry into asylum seeker accommodation, John Whitwam, managing director, of G4S immigration and borders, said his firm had been told by the Home Office it was considering making it compulsory for all councils to take part.

He said: “After many months of negotiating it has become clear that the unwillingness of local authorities to allow placement of asylum seekers in their areas is entrenched. 

“In many cases compromise has become impossible. 

“It is for this reason that the Home Office is considering using its powers to compel participation.”

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