COLDER THAN ICELAND: Britain hit by shivering temperatures as heavy snow sweeps in TONIGHT

And wintry showers will persist across northwest England and northern Scotland into next week. 

As a result, yellow weather warnings are to be issued for ice and snow around the eastern and western coastlines, though the bulk of inland UK will remain clear. 

Despite still feeling cold, Monday will see a good deal of sunshine and fewer showers, though these may fall as rain, sleet or snow.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: “Hopefully we will see an even sunnier day still with one or two showers around but on balance probably fewer showers than we have seen today.

“Tomorrow will be a slightly better day but still feeling cold and wintry.”

By Tuesday a fragmented band of rain will have worked its way in, hitting the cold air and causing a flurry of sleet and snow fall.

Mr Powell added: “The middle of the week is when we start to see things change. Tuesday morning we see a band of rain working its way in from the West and that meets the cold air sitting across the UK. 

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