Cheaper food AFTER EU exit: Consumer boost as experts now say that prices WILL come down

He added: “Brexit holds many opportunities for reducing food prices in the UK. Not only will leaving the Common Agricultural Policy offer tremendous prospects to cut costs for hard-pressed Brits, our new trading options will be substantial. 

“Rather than an arbitrary focus on trade with EU countries, we can look outwards as it becomes much easier to engage with new markets for food across the globe.” 

In a London speech Mr Clegg, now the Lib Dem EU spokesman, claimed that if the UK quit the EU single market in a “hard Brexit” there would be “turmoil” in the food and drink industry.

He predicted a 59 per cent levy on beef, 38 per cent on chocolate, 40 per cent on New Zealand lamb and 14 per cent on Chilean wine.

But UKIP Leadership candidate Bill Etheridge slammed the Remoaners’ scare tactics as a return to the Project Fear campaign of the pro-EU camp during the referendum.

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