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‘Total nonsense!’ Juncker ERUPTS at Johnson’s Brexit speech for ‘pretending I’m stupid’

The EU boss said he was not “stupid” after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivered his Brexit speech in London this afternoon in a bid to unite Remainers and Brexiteers.  Jean-Claude Juncker said dismissed the claim he wanted to build a European superstate and accused some in the British political establishment of “pretending that I am

EU united front DISINTEGRATES as Austria warns Brussels to cut spending after Brexit

But despite Britain’s impending departure, Brussels is reportedly considering upping its current £852bn (€960bn) spend. Mr Oettinger, along with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, are hoping richer member states which pay more into the bloc than they get out will dig deep and make up the billions paid in by the UK. But Sweden, Finland,

BREAKING: Houses of Parliament ‘incident’ sees police swoop on corridor near Commons

Witnesses said police were present at a ministerial corridor near the House of Commons.  A lockdown is not in place, however, and entrances remain open. Parliament is currently on recess.  One unnamed police officer said a suspicious package had been found in Speaker’s Court.  The officer told Press Association: “We haven’t been told much but

‘It’s not going to work’ Hammond hits back at Macron Brexit plot to steal City business

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said: It’s never good news, you should never humiliate, you should never punish. “That’s the worst thing that could happen and I think it would strengthen anti-European sentiment in many countries where we have elections in a year’s time.”  Despite his efforts to back pedal on the bombshell European Commission