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Donald Trump BATTERS Brussels with order to STOP EU Army plans or lose US Nato funding

22 Jan

“Europe supplied 40,00 troops to Afghanistan. That equates to 120,000 in real terms because for each soldier, two are in rotation. That’s 120,000 US troops who didn’t have to go to battle.” During his campaign Trump pledged tens of thousands of new US troops, dozens of ships and hundreds of warplanes, plans would cost almost […]

David Davis to put Article 50 Bill to Parliament within HOURS of Supreme Court ruling

21 Jan

Until last week, there had been concerns that many anti-Brexit MPs would use the Parliamentary Bill as a way to disrupt and delay the process of withdrawal from the EU until Mrs May shed more light on her Brexit plans.  Mrs May appears to have allayed some of those worries when she laid out her […]

Britain threatens Germany: You ‘will pay a HIGH PRICE’ if the UK gets a bad trade deal

21 Jan

He will say: ”Make no mistake – no deal is better than a bad deal with the EU, Britain will walk away from the table and revert back to WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules with ease. “The British Government could compensate business for any EU tariffs by committing less than half of the British net […]

Is this the end of TTIP? Trump REMOVES deal with European Union from White House website

21 Jan

Mr Trump, a critic of multilateral trade deals, has also already announced plans to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first day in office. As well as deleting TTIP, references to Obamacare have also been scrapped alongside references to the LGBT movement and climate change.  In its place, the Trump administration is instead plugging […]

Donald Trump inauguration live: Donald and Melania meet the Obamas at the White House

20 Jan

His spokesman Sean Spicer told NBC: “It will be optimistic. It will be visionary, but it’s going to be philosophical.” The new president is due to address hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the capital, including his adversary Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, as well as Mr Obama and former president George W […]

REVEALED: Secret plot to give Falklands to ARGENTINA & send islanders to live in SCOTLAND

20 Jan

However, if they opted to stay they would automatically become Argentinian citizens. The option of moving abroad would have been sweetened with the promise of a $100,000 grant per person. The proposed plan, entitled ‘Solution to the Falkland Islands crisis’, was put together by Henry Rowen, the then chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Supreme Court judge dies after plane crashes into sea killing three people

20 Jan

“I hope that his legacy, of serenity, seriousness and firmness in enforcing the law, regardless of the interests of those involved, even the powerful, will not be forgotten.” Carlos Pereira, a professor of public administration at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro and a leading expert on corruption, said Mr Zavascki’s death was […]

Floella Benjamin says Brexit could KILL OFF Peppa Pig – Lib Dem peer in astonishing rant

19 Jan

Urging the Prime Minister to put children’s entertainment “at the heart of this Government’s negotiation and post-Brexit planning”, the former actress hailed the “major contribution” of UK-produced programmes to Britain’s economy. She said the sector had been “selling the UK brand with global successes such as Peppa Pig, Art Attack, Horrible Histories and many more”. […]

‘NO EASY WAY’ for EU to deal with £8.6billion-a-year Brexit black hole, think-tank warns

19 Jan

EU member states will be forced to either increase expenditure into the project, slash the budget, or work out a combination of the two, according to the report. The Jacques Delors Institute – named after Thatcher’s fiercely pro-EU nemesis and former president of the European Commission – found Britain contributed £8.6billion of the £119billion budget […]

BREAKING: All guests and staff missing as avalanche hits Italy hotel at tourist hotspot

19 Jan

Mr Di Marco said: “There seem to be victims, but it all needs to be confirmed. There were 20 guests in the hotel.”  In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, Mr Di Marco said: “Unfortunately this terrible tragedy has occurred. It seems the people are dead, but this has yet to be confirmed.” Italian […]