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Why leave? Tax crazy France and meddling Germany BURIED by Britain in top business survey

27 Oct

The best country in the world for business is New Zealand, which wants a trade deal with a newly independent Britain, whilst Denmark, which does not have the euro, tops the rankings for Europe. Heralding the results as a sign of the UK’s resilient and open economy, Tory MP John Redwood said: “It’s great news […]

EU’S ‘BROKEN RELATIONSHIP’: Chief Brexit negotiator inflames tensions with mocking tweet

27 Oct

Despite the denial, the demands from Mr Barnier, who speaks fluent English, sent a clear message to Prime Minister Theresa May that the European Union will be putting its own interests first when it begins the complex divorce with the UK.  Yesterday, saw the EU’s reputation as a credible economic force weakening, as it struggled […]

Britain’s benefit system and ‘soft touch’ immigration blamed for Calais migrant crisis

27 Oct

The cost of processing and paying for those claiming a right to remain works out at £62,500 an hour or £1,000 every minute, according to official figures. Applications for sanctuary in Britain are running at their highest level since 2004.  Home Office data shows there are 77,440 cases “in progress”, costing more than £7,000 each. […]

‘We’ve had ENOUGH!’ Fuming Italy PM vows to CRIPPLE Brussels unless it sorts out migration

26 Oct

A number of member states including Hungary, which recently held a referendum where 98 per cent of voters rejected migrant quotas, are even taking legal proceedings against the EU in a bid to hold up the scheme.  And Italy’s interior minister, Angelino Alfano, backed up Mr Renzi’s extraordinary ultimatum to veto the EU budget and […]

‘The whole thing is a DISGRACE’ Farage thunders at EU over attempts to delay Brexit

26 Oct

“Frankly the whole thing is a disgrace,” he thundered. “It is even worse that it is supported by Quislings in the British parliament. People like Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband who are desperate to keep Britain in this awful single market.” A Quisling, named after Norwegian Vidkun Quisling who assisted the Nazi’s, is used as […]

THE NEW JUNGLE: Migrants on mission to get to Britain head from Calais to new Dunkirk camp

26 Oct

Engineer Hawkar Salah, 27, said he was willing to risk the lives of his lawyer wife Hozan Hamalaw and their sons Hevar, two, and seven-day-old Zhikr, who was born in the camp, by bundling them into the back of a lorry for a better life in Britain. Huddled inside the hut they call home, he […]

SNOW for 120 days: Shock UK winter weather forecast predicts COLDEST snap in five years

25 Oct

The bitter forecast comes amid predictions subtle changes in atmospheric pressure will open the floodgates to freezing air from the Arctic through the season. Strong negative Arctic and North Atlantic Oscillations are forecast to play a major role in influencing Britain’s weather this winter. In its negative phase, the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) sees atmospheric […]

‘EU is LAUGHING STOCK of the WORLD!’ Bumbling officials scramble to save Canada trade deal

25 Oct

While all 28 EU member states support the CETA deal, the Belgian region of Wallonia has overruled the entire agreement, to the embarrassment of those involved.  Last night, minister-president of Flanders Geert Bourgeois said: “We’re the laughing stock of the whole world. It’s bad for Wallonia, for Flanders, for Belgium, for Europe, for the whole […]

New migrant shambles in Calais: More camps WILL appear in weeks after Jungle destruction

25 Oct

From dawn yesterday thousands of young men could be seen leaving, carrying their possessions in suitcases.  They joined a huge queue for a processing centre in a hangar where details were registered before they were bussed to asylum centres.  Sudanese migrant Kili, 19, said: “A group of us will aim to stay together. We still […]

Diane Abbott says Calais migrant camp should have STAYED until all children were assessed

24 Oct

As the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, delivered a speech to the house as the closure of the sprawling Jungle got underway in the port town.  Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott lashed out at the handling of the situation, claiming the migrants were being used “as pawns” by both the French and British governments.  She said: […]