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Klopp happy to take pressure off Liverpool players

Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email comment In a life more ordinary, Jurgen Klopp would fly to Kyiv in a couple of weeks time to visit the medical conference on “Urgent Cardiovascular Conditions” that is being staged in the Ukrainian capital. Growing up in the Black Forest village of Glatten, the son of a sports-obsessed

Newcastle United managing director Lee Charnley describes 'bloodshed' had one-season promotion gamble failed

Newcastle United’s managing director Lee Charnley is sitting in the St James’ Park boardroom, exhaling as he answers the apparently simple question: what would have happened? “What would have happened! There would have been bloodshed. I think the manager would have gone.” Charnley later adds “catastrophe” and “bloodbath” as he explains the potential consequences if Newcastle had

Ramos is Madrid’s ultimate big-game player

8:07 AM BST Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email comment I’m not being cheeky or doubting you, but you do know Sergio Ramos’ red-card record, don’t you? The infamous story about Real Madrid’s captain and how many times he gets sent off, yes? No. Wait! Not the one about how another expulsion would land him