Cameron bombshell: PM says ‘BLAME ME’ as he comes clean over tax returns

Mr Cameron continued: “I was obviously very angry about what people were saying about my dad. I loved my dad, I miss him every day. He was a wonderful father and I’m very proud of everything he did. 

“But I mustn’t let that cloud the picture. The facts are these: I bought shares in a unit trust and I paid taxes on them in exactly the same way. I sold those shares. In fact, I sold all the shares that I owned, on becoming Prime Minister.” 

The majority of his income during his first five years as Prime Minister – £674,118 – came from his salary. In that period he made £215,400 in rent from his London home, which is 50 per cent of the rental income – with the other half paid to Mrs Cameron. 

According to the accounts, Mr Cameron also received almost £13,000 in interest on his savings, which includes income received following the sale of his shares in 2010, £300,000 inherited from his father’s will and £200,000 given to him by his mother as a gift.

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