BRUSSELS ON THE BRINK: Dutch tell Juncker to shove his expansionism in HUGE blow to EU

A snap poll released tonight indicates that voters in the Netherlands have overwhelmingly rejected a plan by EU bureaucrats to bring Ukraine into the bloc’s sphere of influence. 

A whopping 64% of the Dutch people voted to block the deal, compared to just 36% who want it to go ahead, according to pollsters Ipsos. 

If confirmed their verdict will be a crushing blow for the entire federalist project, with tonight’s referendum effectively acting as a barometer for anti-EU feeling in the country. 

Senior Dutch politicians were tonight already toasting victory, with opposition MP Joram van Klaveren declaring: ”The Netherlands is overwhelmingly against this.”

Dutch minister Ronald Plasterk sent out a series of desperate tweets to try to mask Brussels’ humiliation tonight, insisting that a number of polling stations in tiny Caribbean colonies will stay open into the early hours. 

But his colleagues had already given the ghost with ‘yes’ camp leader Kees Verhoeven admitting defeat on Twitter and offering his congratulations to eurosceptic campaigners. 

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