BRUSSELS BOMBSHELL: EU red tape ‘is putting lives in danger by blocking new drugs’

In a damning assessment in 2009, he said: “If we prevent evidence from emerging that would save lives, I would interpret that as killing people.”

In a speech earlier this year, popular science author and Tory peer Matt Ridley also outlined how the EU’s clinical trials directive is “destroying” British cutting edge research.

He said: “We used to have 12 per cent of world clinical trials, but we now have one per cent. Sure the directive was eventually reformed so it was more reasonable, but it took ten years and the clinical trials industry had long since fled to India and elsewhere by then.”

A row has also broken out over the Royal Society deciding to back the Remain campaign.

Scientists for Britain, which is the campaign group supporting a Brexit, has urged the Royal Society to respect Charity Commission guidelines and issue a ”conflicts of interest” statement in relation to the society and to the members of the working group and research team that published these reports.

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