Brussels attacks: Bomber leaves bizarre WILL in bin as police reveal FOURTH jihadi

The Belgian prosecutor confirmed two suicide bombers died in the blast at Zaventem airport, one of wom has been identified as Ibrahim El Bakraoui by his fingerprints. The second attacker, pictured on the left in the CCTV image circulated by police, has yet to be identified.  

The suicide bomber who struck at Maelbeek metro station has been identified as Ibrahim’s brother Khalid El Bakraoui.

Fugitive Laachraoui, pictured on the right, was identified by fingerprints and remains on the run, authorities confirmed at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. 

Laachraoui, dubbed as the ‘man in white’, had a third bomb, said to be the most powerful, which failed to detonate.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui left a will and statement on a laptop found abandoned in a bin near the Brussels district of Schaerbeek where a police raid on a flat found an Islamic State (ISIS) flag and other bomb-making materials. 

Statements from Ibrahim on the device said he “was being investigated, no longer knew what to do, was being looked for everywhere, was no longer safe” and that he risked “ending up next to [Salah Abdeslam] in a cell”.

Detectives found 15kg of explosives, 150 litres of acetone, 30 litres of oxygenated water, detonators and a suitcase filled with nails.

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