Bruce explains Tigers rift

Former Hull boss Steve Bruce has admitted a conflict with vice-chairman Ehab Allam was the reason he walked away from the club.

Hull: Bruce explains Tigers riftHull: Bruce explains Tigers rift

Bruce walked out on the Tigers in the summer after guiding the club back to the Premier League, and rumours were rife at the time that all was not well behind the scenes.

The tactician has kept silent on the situation until now, and has admitted that he was not happy with the plans of Allam, particularly when it came to transfers.

It got to the point where Bruce admits he had no option but to reluctantly walk away.

“There was a change of dynamics in the club,” he told Skysports. “The Chairman (Assem Allam) was poorly for a long while and I wish him the best. As a result, it was obvious his son Ehab wanted to run things his way.

“That was his prerogative and it’s fair to say we didn’t see eye to eye. It’s not very often you walk away from a Premier League job but for the sake of the club, we were not at logger heads, but it was pretty obvious he wanted to do things his own way.

“Once you feel undermined as a manager then things for me start going a little bit pear-shaped. And I just felt it would be the best way forward for me to take the action that I did.

“Nobody wants to walk away from the Premier League and I had four wonderful years at Hull. They were as good as I’d had in my career.”

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