British UFO conspiracist found dead after he ‘was set to expose Government cover-up’

He had been working alongside science fiction writer Madlen Namro and Monika Duval, who he is thought to have been staying with in Poland. 

Vanessa said: “He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July. 

“He was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa.”

Max worked with the supernatural and conspiracy theory group Bases Project and was due to appear at a conference held Wiltshire in August.

Miles Johnson, part of the project and Max’s friend, said:”A person has died here and I don’t think it’s good enough that somebody who just took normal medication should end up vomiting, spewing black liquid, whatever it was. 

“And then shortly after that, whatever length of time it was died.”

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