Britain’s 1.5MILLION hidden EU migrants: ‘It’s totally out of control’ warns minister

The statistics showed short-term migration by EU citizens was on the rise.

A total of 251,000 migrants were thought to have come for up to 12 months during the year ending June 2014. The figure was the highest number since the year ending June 2008, 5% up on 2013 and 35% up on 2012.

Long-term migration to the UK by EU citizens in the year ending June 2014 was 223,000, and when combined with short-term migration this gives a total of 474,000. This compares with 421,000 NI registrations.

In five years to June 2015, long-term migration by EU nationals was 915,000. When short-term migration is included the number is just under two million, while there were 1.8 million NI allocations.

The paper also provided the first indications of the proportion of NI numbers which are active on tax and benefits systems, following a clamour for the data to be released.

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