BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Map shows how people will vote in EU poll and it’s bad news for Cameron

Brexit support is also strong in the more wealthy Tory counties of England like Suffolk, Somerset and Lincolnshire, showing that a concensus is now building behind the case to get Britain out of the EU.

On the other hand, areas most supportive of the EU were found in metropolitan areas, Scotland and university cities

Five of the most europhile areas were in London including wealthy left-leaning boroughs like Camden, close to where Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lives.

The most pro-EU area of Britain was Ceredigion in Wales while Scotland was by far the most pro-EU country in the UK.

University cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, York and Bristol were more likely to favour staying in the EU.

The survey comes as a war of words continues to break out among politicians in the competiting campaigns.

Prime Minister David Cameron has issued stark warnings for voters if they opt for Brexit, claiming the UK’s “economic and national security” will be in danger.

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