BREAKING: ‘Gunman’ sparks huge police hunt in Sheffield as brewery placed on lockdown

Workers and residents have called the news “disturbing” and “frightening”.

Stephen Younger, 57, fromDerbyshire who works close to the disused building, said: “He could be anywhere. This is so disturbing.

“Unfortunately it is the way of the world these days – you are not safe anywhere.”

Georgia Fletcher, 19, who works with Stephen at credit services firm Credit Style, added: “It’s normally quiet here, to have a gunman on the loose is worrying and scary.

“You just don’t know who is carrying a weapon these days, it is frightening.”

Ben Monnie, 38, who lives nearby added: “It’s concerning that there a gun man reported at large, this is a major bus route and a residential area there are lots of young people and families.

“It’s normally very quiet here. I’m quite shocked, I have only lived in Sheffield for 18 months and gun crime here isn’t something I have heard of.”

A 25-year-old woman from the area who only gave her name as Katie, said: “It’s worrying, it’s a bit close for comfort.

“There has been quite a few incidents like this in Sheffield recently.”

She told the Mirror: “It’s unnerving. You don’t expect that from a city like Sheffield.

“There are a lot of old abandoned industrial buildings, it’s that sort of area.”

A spokesman said: “The area being searched for the man within the brewery and disused land is vast, and to ensure the public’s safety while this carried out a number of roads have been cordoned off and will remain closed throughout the morning.”

Dale Hargreave tweeted: “Ooooh, excitement at work. Armed police have surrounded a building 100 yards away. Armed men inside the old stones brewery.”

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