Bradley sends out rallying cry

Swansea boss Bob Bradley has admitted his top priority is restoring confidence to the squad following his appointment.

Swansea: Bradley sends out rallying crySwansea: Bradley sends out rallying cry

The Welsh club sacked Francesco Guidolin at the start of the international break with Swansea sitting 17th in the Premier League table.

Bradley, who becomes the first American to manage a Premier League club, has been tasked with trying to steer results in a more positive direction.

The former USA has stressed the importance of restoring confidence and insists the team must pull together to work towards their targets.

Bradley said: “Everybody has to be in it together. That is the key to any kind of success for the club.

“For the players, the next period is about restoring confidence. Let’s make sure when we lose the ball our reactions are fast; when we have an opportunity to close down we do it in the right way; that we are hard to play against and when we have the ball everybody is available and wants it and passes it quickly.

“For me, it’s about reinforcing what has to happen in any good team. That’s what Swansea has been about.”

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