BORDER SHAMBLES: Fears that bungling security chiefs have LOST gang of Iranian migrants

“While teams could conduct residential visits to attempt to trace absconders they were reluctant to do so as this work was not a priority and was considered a drain on resources.”

The lure of new life in the UK has seen 9,100 economic migrants flock to the notorious “Jungle” camp in Calais.

Almost all have turned down the offer of asylum in France because of the riches on offer across the Channel. Border Force has just three cutters to patrol the 11,000 mile stretch of UK coastline. 

Latest figures show asylum claims increased by 38 per cent to 34,687 last year – the highest since 2004.

The largest number of applications came Iran, Eritrea, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and Syria. Including dependants, the number stood at 41,563.

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