Bognor vs Brighton: How two towns just 30 miles apart represent the great BREXIT divide

Taxi driver Ron, said: “Everywhere is Polish, they don’t spend money in the local economy, they send it all back home.

“The farmers brought them here.

“But now if you go to the end of town, they are everywhere, dossing and drinking.”

A group of pensioners sitting in the Regis cafe in the town centre say they believe immigration is putting serious pressure on doctors’ surgeries, schools and the housing market.

One said: “We’ve lost our country.”

Another said: “We’re the most generous country in the world and people have taken advantage of that.”

Bognor local, Keith Simpson, a former BT engineer, said: “It doesn’t affect the people in government who are saying ‘stay in’.

“They live in a whole different world.”

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