BBC’s Evan Davis FURIOUS as Hungarian minister says London is ‘NO-GO’ zone due to migrants

Criticising the poster, an angry Mr Davis asked Mr Szijjarto: “There is a leaflet in your referendum campaign, a government leaflet, and it tells the Hungarian people – in advocating less migration – there are several hundred no-go areas in Europe where migrants have taken over. A dozen in the UK. Do you believe that claim?”

In response, the Hungarian said that the information was based on “open” and “official” reports from the police and “the news”.

He added: “There are no-go zones in Europe and we don’t want no-go zones in Hungary.”

A furious Davis rebuked: “You think there are no-go zones in the UK? A dozen of them? Because you mark them in Peterborough, London, Southampton. You’ve been to the UK, right? You’ve been to London?”

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