Barkley the spur for Lukaku

Everton striker Romelu Lukaku has admitted he is spurred on to hit goals like his solo effort against Chelsea by Ross Barkley.

Everton: Barkley the spur for Lukaku Everton: Barkley the spur for Lukaku

Captain Phil Jagielka suggested afterwards Lukaku had only scored goals like it playing the Fifa football game on his games console at home.

However, the Belgium international said it was competition of a different kind – against Everton’s other star turn Barkley – that had helped him perfect the skill.

“Ross and I do that sort of stuff and we have our own competition in training,” he said. “It is something Ross has in his locker, it is something I have in my locker but it does not come out very often so I am happy it went in.

“We do drills like that, with all types of finishing where I am a bit better than him.

“We try to help each other as players and he thinks more like a striker because he is more advanced and he makes me think as a number 10 if I have to link up play with the others.

“We try to be a good front partnership and I was trying to play with my head up to see if Ross was close to me.

” I saw no-one was there so I thought ‘Okay, let’s go’. Fortunately I just went and dribbled, dribbled, dribbled.

“It is something I have been working on with the coaches for a long time – with the pace I have and the one-versus-one skills sometimes it is also good to try different things and add other stuff into my game, and I was glad it worked out.

“You have to have faith in your ability. I know I have a lot of qualities but I have to work hard every single day to keep performing like that.”

Belgium coach Marc Wilmots was at Goodison Park to witness Lukaku’s one-man show although the national team boss did not speak to him afterwards.

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