Ban the Burka NOW: Cameron told to stop dithering and outlaw ‘oppressive’ veil

Today Mr Nuttall reignites the debate over its place in British society, saying the time has come to outlaw it for the wider good of gender equality. 

He said: “There is no question that face veils should be banned anywhere you can’t wear a crash helmet or anything that obscures identity, such as shopping centres, civic buildings and petrol stations. 

“Common sense also dictates that where photo ID is required, veiled women should expect to have to show their faces.”

The MEP for the North West of England added: “I am concerned that freedom of career choice and jobs will be needlessly limited by wearing a veil.

“We need to protect the genuine choice of those that feel pressure to wear a face veil, we need to protect our children from the possibility of thinking such a gender inequality is tolerable, and I hope those that want to wear a veil will understand why a ban is vital. 

“It is to protect the rights of their fellow women who may not be as lucky as they are and don’t have a genuine choice. Surely that’s a sacrifice most compassionate people would be prepared to make.” 

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