Aston Villa employee blasts ‘soul destroying’ club as she resigns

“It is soul destroying to watch it and I can’t bare to watch it anymore”

Elaine Rose

“After the game players are coming out of the changing rooms laughing and joking with each other even though we have had a big defeat,” said the lifelong fan who had worked in the Trinity Road Stand on matchdays for six years.

“It is soul destroying to watch it and I can’t bare to watch it anymore.

“They have no regard for the supporters, if anyone has anything to say they are banned from the ground, ejected and have their season ticket taken off them.

“A couple of games ago, one of the head guys before the game – we are sitting rock bottom of the Premier League – he is actually dancing in reception.

“I could not believe it.

“It is not a laughable situation we are in at the moment, it is quite tragic to see a great club like Aston Villa sinking so low and doesn’t look like it will ever come back the way things are.

“It is terrible, the head guy at the moment has hired himself two bodyguards to stand around him in the directors’ box because he doesn’t want to take any criticism and if anyone hurls any abuse they are out – no questions asked.”

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